STM32/ARM Cortex-M3 HOWTO: Development under Ubuntu (Debian)


2012-04-13 07:24 - Page hits

I was looking at the page hits, and I noticed that most of my visitors comes from Germany. A lot of you probably already know about, but if you don't and can handle German then that page is well quite nice.

2012-02-15 22:09 - The linker page is bigger

The linker page has grown a little, and I added a low_level_init function so we don't clog up main.

2012-02-12 22:43 - How does the linker file work?

Added a page about how the linker works. Now this is a big and complicated area...

2012-01-29 12:23 - Creative Commons ShareAlike 3.0

If you find the information on this site useful and would like to enhance it and spread it further you are welcome to do so. The data is from now on licenced with the Creative Commons ShareAlike 3.0, and it allows you to do quite a lot with this data.

2012-01-13 07:26 - OpenOCD

Seems like I forgot to mention some packages that you need to have installed in order to build OpenOCD. The package list is the same as when I build the gcc and newlib, so if you build gcc first and OpenOCD you where fine. Anyhow... the OpenOCD page is updated with this info.

2011-12-11 19:42 - Unity

Started to use Unity for the gcc integration tests, so I added a page about it.

2011-11-02 11:56 - Updated the CodeSourcery page

Since CodeSourcery changed name to CodeBench I had to update that page, and I also updated it to a newer version of the Sourcery CodeBench gcc chain.

2011-10-31 15:52 - Sourcery CodeBench Lite Edition

It seems like Code Sourcery G++ Lite has been renamed Sourcery CodeBench Lite.

2011-10-27 15:54 - Start server script

Added a page that talks about the start server script. So you don't have to think about what jtag is connected right now.

2011-10-27 11:40 - OpenOCD use v0.5.0

Updated the OpenOCD page so we compile with v0.5.0.

2011-04-19 12:24 - Clarified the intro / about page

Since I have added a lot of links to different stuff like github, rss, maillist etc etc. I needed to clarify the first page.

2011-04-18 19:32 - Problem with sprintf

The toolchain is getting better and better, but there is still some basic bugs. This one seem related to the linkscript

2011-04-18 19:04 - FunTechCortexMX_gcc ver_2011-04-17

I updated the toolchain over at github, so now FunTechCortexMX_gcc will build binutils-2.21, gcc-4.4.5, newlib-1.19.0 and gdb-7.2.

2011-04-12 21:21 - OpenOCD and Blueboard lpc1768

I am playing a little bit with a NXP Cortex M3 based mcu in parallel with the stm32. To start with I wanted to see if it was possible to flash and debug it using more or less the same things as the stm32. The conclusion is that it is possible to flash it, but not start it since the settings in my link file is not adjusted to the lpc.

2011-04-10 22:44 - maillist

There is a nice new maillist that can be used to talk about this kind of fun stuff that is shown on this page. For more info

2011-04-10 10:05 - more github links

I will try to use the github issue functions to keep track of known bugs in the toolchain and the test suite. So I added some links about this on the contact page.

2011-04-08 17:59 - updated the build gcc page

The page on how to build gcc is now updated with the github info.

2011-04-08 13:43 - Test ok on the float problem

Thanks to Andrea Merello for solving the float problem. I have pushed the missing flags into the the new github repo, FunTechCortexMX_gcc. And tested the solution with test02 in FunTechCortexMX_test. See for more info.

2011-04-08 10:47 - github

The build scripts for gcc is getting a new home over at github, and I will also update this site with info on how to use them and how to report bugs on this chain. See and for more info.

2011-03-14 07:44 - Problems with newlib

The current versions has some problems with how it is linked with newlib, therefore you will have problems with floats and basic functions like sprintf.

2011-01-14 14:43 - Forums with help

Since I don't have my own maillist and/or web forum at this time, I created a page with some links to some other active and helpful forums. This page is hidden under the "contact me" link.

This page is licensed with Creative Commons ShareAlike 3.0