The php5 object oriented web design howto - Introduction

Why another howto/tutorial on php?

I got a question from a friend on how to create a simple webpage, and when I started to explain I understood that I needed to give a push in the right direction, since there is so much information out there but not all some is not really up to date (since it handles php3 and php4).

So this page is created to give my friend the correct push, and if you find it useful as well it is a bonus.

It will show how to create a well structured webpage with a navigation pane in one file, and all design will be done in css.

And when you read this tutorial, don't forget to view the example files since they will execute on the server and show you exactly what will happen when they run. And of course when you view those pages, you should use the view page source in your browser so you can see the actual html code.