STM32/ARM Cortex-M3 HOWTO: Development under Ubuntu (Debian)

Some time ago I wanted to start to use the STM32 with the "new" ARM Cortex M3 core, but it was surprisingly hard to find the information I needed even thou "everybody" is using the ARM cores.

There is a lot of information out there but not all is that usable, and to much assume that you are sitting on a Windows based computer. But who wants to do use non open source software if they don't have to?

So my humble idea is to compile the information about STM32 and Ubuntu that I wanted to find...

The site is created as a sequence of small parts, just follow the navigation on the left from top to bottom and you should be fine.

Right now I am using the Ubuntu LTS releases, so the non LTS is not tested, but if I can I will try to make it work for the other releases, and for any other Debian derivate distribution out there (in thery any way).

One last note, the information on this site is created with a educational focus. This means that sometimes I will scale down the complexity for added clarity (and later scale up again). A side effect of this approach is that some parts may be too simple for production use, so use the information found here with care.

On the other hand this page has a spinoff project called FunTechCortexMX that aims to be quite usefull as a project base. And if you wish to follow that project or be part of if I have a couple of page with info about this.

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