The FunTechHouse project, a open source home automation system - Introduction

Information is everything.

How much do you know about your house right now? Is everything working as it should?

The FunTechHouse is a project where I will try to collect and control my house using devices built with open source and open hardware (or as close as possible). The FunTechHouse will become a distributed system where all the parts can communicate with each other, but they should continue to operate even if the others don't. I will use Ethernet based devices as much as possible, since I like it a lot. And as a central point where data shall become information I will use a small embedded Linux device called Raspberry PI, this device will run a Mosquitto server that collects all the data using the MQTT protocol.

Simply put, the FunTechHouse will try to give you a lot more information about your house.